Welcome to my site. My name is Aurora Lagattuta and I run Aurora Dances. In a nutshell what I do at Aurora Dances is work with the body's intuition & creativity to provide healing. But I will be honest, although I offer experiences that can bring about healing, I do NOT identify as someone who heals others. In fact, I am pretty anti-outside healers, anti-gurus, anti-do a big expensive training and then you can have power, strength, inner harmony, feel good in your body, etc... I have been down those roads of working with teachers who ask you to give away your power in order to eventually regain it. I have worked at yoga studios that said not to educate students so that students will pay extra for teacher trainings. I have been in the trap of body control culture in both the dance and yoga worlds, feeling that if I just practice this exercise every day, weigh this amount, or have this 'perfect' diet, then I will be worthy of enlightenment, self-acceptance or something like love. I was left anorexic, hungry and a really good meditator. 

So I am showing up here because frankly I am tired. Tired of the bullshit people pass on about the body and spirituality. And I am tired of hiding. So I am here with Aurora Dances to share what I have gathered that has helped. Things that have helped me: feel altogether more me, feel more integrated in my body, to have a healthy relationship with my body, the food I eat, how I chose to move and to discover my own spiritual relationship. Things that helped me truly find gentleness and humor with myself. On my personal saga of healing myself (yes, others have been mirrors to help but it has been down to me to do the work just as it is for you) I have gathered a lot of tools from a lot of usual and unusual places such as the Balinese dance family that I lived with, my students over the past 2 decades, a river in rural Japan and most importantly my body. I share these as one mean among many ways to get in touch with your body and its messages for you. 

I firmly believe that the body is the teacher. It holds our truths, our deepest desires and the pathways to achieve to those desires. I see myself as someone who shares bridges and translations that connect YOU to YOUR body's truths. I share different techniques gathered over 15 years of teaching (such as visualizations, body relaxation, breathe work) but ultimately you and your body do the work. You are the healer of you and it is an honor and a privilege to share what I do and be a witness to this incredible thing we humans inhabit and call a body. 

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"Aurora is not only a warm and engaging person to do vulnerable work with, she is also deeply knowledgeable in her areas of expertise, and keeps the mood interesting and playful. I felt like I could trust her to help me stay rooted and feel safe while exploring uncomfortable and scary places within myself." 

Abby M., Musician

Offerings: Private Session, Workshop

Our bodies speak our deepest truths.

What I have learned from 15 years of teaching dance and yoga to bodies of all ages, shapes and abilities, is that every body has its own unique set of sensations or voices which desire to be heard. Learning to listen to our body's voice re-connects us to the power that we each hold.


I am passionate about sharing tools that empower all bodies to unearth the wisdom and intuitive expression that their body naturally holds. 

My greatest aim is to educate and provide tools that clients can take with them, recycle, reinvent and make their own. 

How people describe the work:

Safe, Gentle, Comforting, Warm, Harmony, Empowering, Healing,
Reigniting My Purpose, Validating, Strength, Powerful, Deep, Loving, Authentic, Liberated, Reconnecting with my Inner Truth
 No more Doubts,Calm Expertise, Felt More Confident & Able to Express Myself 


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Classes, private sessions, workshops & performance rituals

that empower you to connect you with your body's innate wisdom & creative power.

I combine my experience in the Healing Arts: 500 ERYT yoga & meditation teacher, Reiki Master, shamanic practitioner (in Hawaiian Huna and Japanese Shinto), Marma Acupressure Massage, trained Intuitive
my Fine Arts background: international touring career, international land art projects, MFA in Dance from the University of California, San Diego, BA in Theatre from Fordham Lincoln Center, NYC. 

Sequim, Washington USA                info@auroradances.org