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Welcome to my site. Aurora Dances offers performances, workshops, classes, and private sessions that provide embodied pathways to connect you with your body's innate wisdom and creative power. 

The body is the primary teacher and starting point for this work. The body, like nature, is inherently creative. When we can tap into our body's creative imagination we can create inspired change in our bodies, relationships and communities. 

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Your dance is needed, is significant and matters.
Your Dance Can...

a felt sense of belonging

Our body's feelings are an innate emotional INTELLIGENCE that can provide wisdom, insight & an embodied knowing of interconnection. 

rituals for meaningful change

 A power within all beings, regardless if you call yourself an artist or not, is our CREATIVITY. It can catalyze personal, communal & environmental change. 

be an act of 
embodied activism

in a society that encourages us to be literally & physically smaller, tending to the body, moving the body, & giving it space to EXPRESS is a form of system disruption. 


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Seeking Movers!

Where the Clouds Grow

an intimate community dance experience
Juan de Fuca Arts Festival
12-2pm Saturday May 28th, 2022


Aurora is not only a warm and engaging person to do vulnerable work with, she is also deeply knowledgeable in her areas of expertise, and keeps the mood interesting and playful. I felt like I could trust her to help me stay rooted and feel safe while exploring uncomfortable and scary places within myself." 

Abby M., Musician

Offerings: Private Session, Workshop


The mistreatment of our planet is directly connected to the mistreatment & objectification of our bodies.

All bodies, regardless of age, shape, and abilities, have their own unique set of sensations or voices that desire to be heard. Learning to listen to our body's voice re-connects us to the power that we each hold. Learning to listen to our body is a courageous act of love for our bodies, relationships, and our earth. As we transform our relationship to our bodies, we naturally transform our relationships with our communities and environment. 

How people describe the work:

Safe, Gentle, Comforting, Warm, Harmony, Empowering, Healing,
Reigniting My Purpose, Validating, Strength, Powerful, Deep, Loving, Authentic, Liberated, Reconnecting with my Inner Truth
 No more Doubts,Calm Expertise, Felt More Confident & Able to Express Myself 


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Classes, private sessions, workshops & performances

that provide pathways that connect you with your body's innate wisdom & creative power.

I combine my experiences from both the Fine Art and Somatic Healing Fields. Both fields contain rituals and tools for witnessing, expressing and understanding the body.  

From my Fine Arts background: international touring career; research in the body as a 
symbiotic knowing of self, other, and environment (GradSlam Research Awardee 2018, UCSD); MFA in Dance from the University of California, San Diego; BA in Theatre from Fordham Lincoln Center, NYC.

From the Somatic Healing Arts: Shamanic Practitioner (in Hawaiian Huna and Japanese Shinto), Ayurveda Acupressure, 500 RYT Yoga, Yin Yoga & Meditation teacher, active ISMETA somatic movement member, Reiki Master, Trained Energy Worker, Certified in Stanford's Cultivate Compassion Training (CCT). I also drawn from my Sicilian ancestral Strega lineage.

About Me

Olympic Peninsula, Washington USA