the time is NOW 

I have been feeling an urgent call to step forward and share my experiences with dance at this time. 


 What I feel called to share is 



I am calling you to 

share YOURS.

I am calling my dance and your dance forward because the message I am receiving over and over again is

the power of dance to heal our human-earth relationship.

I have experienced personally with my own body & have had the privilege of guiding and leading many, many different bodies who have also shared


the power of dance to transform our relationship with the earth.

This is not a new idea.

 Indigenous & earth-based cultures all have practices that use the body: dance, music and song to heal, mend and repair the human-earth relationship.

I show up here as myself & I offer what what my body knows

because I trust in the body's wisdom

mine and yours.

I share my dance for me. 

I dance because the Earth is calling, begging & pleading for us to 



I mean the bond, the relationship

between earth and body

body and earth

If you hear this call too, 

please join me

with your DANCE.

FREE Dance Offerings: 

Dances marked by the dances of the sky: full & new moons, solstices, equinox....

EVA or Eco Visceral Awareness

  audio-guided rituals that transform 

one's relationship with Earth through movement.

Light Bodies

A collection and invitation to create 

light body sculptures and practices


    I am dancing from: 

- 14 years of teaching dance and yoga to people ages 4 to 88

from various movement backgrounds and abilities

nationally & internationally

-my time spent dancing abroad: in Japan studying Mikos who clear the land with dance; 

in Hawaii studying Huna Shamanism

in Bali dancing with a Balinese family at sacred temples

in New Zealand talking dance with Maōri dancers & storytellers

-my dancing guides & teachers:

Yoshito Ohno

Dawn Akemi Saito

the Sky Dancers

the Council of Grandmothers