Dancing with Aurora outside in nature. I realized I was so numb. I trained myself to not feel. As I started to move again and let my body feel, the world opened up to me. The Earth felt alive again. I felt alive again.

D. Valquez, Dancer & Inventor

Meet EVA...

She already lives in and around you. 

She is both you and your environment.


B/c as within, so without.

She is an acronym for Eco Visceral Awareness

...aka your feelings

the ones that are you and also are nature. b/c you are nature.

She is also the name of my great grandmother EVA: a woman who knew her power.

She reminds me that it's time to know/feel/dance our power.


It does not need to be hard or even a lot of work


it does not even need to be a lot of time. 


So here is a page for you and for me. 

It is audios that I do and you can do to rekindle, spark and ignite that flame that is your earth dance. 

yeah, I am saying that I think dancing can transform our earth.


EVA is the kind of dancing you don't need training for b/c she lives in the natural pulse of your body


She is the dance you do when no one is watching.


She has EMBODIED intentions, RITUALS and feelings FELT and moved through us that can and do transform our relationship with EARTH

b/c we are Earth

and yes, earth is going through some radical changes right now.

Are you feeling it?!

I am.


and that is why I am dancing and sharing my dance. 

This your invitation to join me, EVA, us. 

Say yes with your dance.


Because it is time to DANCE HER BACK.

Connect with the Trees

This is a dance meditation to connect with the trees and tree energy.

I have been working with the Council of Grandmothers' call to work with trees, find more about this work here:

Rocking to ground and de-stress.




More EVA audios
to come!
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