collage by aurora 

Meet EVA...

She already lives in and around you. 

she is a fancy acronym for Eco or Earth's Visceral Awareness

...aka your feelings

the ones that are you and also nature. b/c you are nature.

she is also the name of my great grandmother, a woman who knew her power.

She reminds me that its time to know/feel/dance ours.


It does not need to hard or even a lot of work in fact it does not even need to be a lot of time. 


So here is a page for you and for me. It is simple vids and audios that I do and you can do to rekindle, spark and ignite that flame that is your earth dance. 

yeah, I am saying that I think dancing can change things. like A LOT of things...

(oh and I am not talking about  fancy dancing- no special steps or certain looks, like the kind of dancing you do when no one is watching)


but it has EMBODIED intentions, RITUALS and feelings FELT and moved through us that can and do transform our relationship with EARTH

um b/c we are earth

and yes, earth is going through some radical changes right now. Are you feeling it?!

I am and that is why I am doing this and sharing this.