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Enjoy & Happy Dancing. 

A guided dance for honoring time...

tree dance for divine timing

A 25 guided dance improvisation for you. This dance blesses time and our place within it. It rocks out a bit in the middle, be warned but ends quite soft.... enjoy. 

Sound by:

Kathryn Schulmeister - live improv

Explosions in the Sky - Brith and Death of the Day; Catastrophe and the Cure

Peter Gundry - King of Woodlands


Rocking to ground and de-stress.

Connect with the Trees

This is a dance meditation to connect with the trees and tree energy.

I have been working with the Council of Grandmothers' call to work with trees, find more about this work here:


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A note for EVA


Like the night sky, these dances aim to draw your awareness inwards. It is not about "seeing" the dance or repeating the "right steps." This dance is about leading from the inside out. 

For SKY DANCE, the invitation is to take the prompts- intentionally poetic- and discover how your body embodies them.

The invitation is to get curious. Let the dance be messy. And most importantly let the dance be a time for your body to teach you. Let your expression be a way to know yourself. 

remember the dance is yours
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