December, 2020: Expand into the Unknown

When we cannot see in front of us, we are not blind.

We can feel the ground underneath us

And let the dark earth guide us.


When we can longer see the plan, we are not lost.

The air surrounds us, breathing us with inspiration

Invisibly flying us into new directions.


When we no longer know who to lean on, we are not alone.

Heart strings of light glow around us and within us,

Weaving us into a web of light, of love, of connection.


When we can no longer do, we are enough to be.


In being, we shine.

In being, we allow the earth’s path to walk us

In being, we allow the air’s wings to lift us.

In being, we allow the web of light to hold us.


For December, I am an offering a meditation to help you expand into new possibilities and connect with a greater web of support. Often, we can limit ourselves or play small when we try to control or plan things for ourselves. Sometimes we forget that surprises can be good and the unexpected doesn’t always need to be fearful. In this meditation we work with the body’s expansive energy to expand and grow into the brightness, support and connection all around us. Enjoy.

December Lightbody Expansive SelfAurora Lagattuta
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November, 2020: Expansive Heart

November continues to bring change- both collective and individual. For this month, I recommend getting personal and taking some time for self reflection and ritual. Around the new moon on November 15th in Scorpio is an excellent time to do so. Taking a little time to release what we no longer need and get clear about what we desire can greatly assist the heart as it navigates all these changes. 

The meditation for this month is all about the heart. It aids you in clearing anything that needs to be released as well as connects you with your heart's desire. Ultimately, we all must take responsibility and care for the things that truly matter for us. This month is a great one to get clear on what no longer needs to take up space in your heart and what truly wants to grow and expand there. May you make use of these changes for your greatest good and highest potential. 

Wishing you an expansive heart-filled month. 

November LightBody Expansive Heart MeditationAurora Lagattuta
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October, 2020: Energy Body

Enter October, 2020. A big month of continued intensity. For this month, I am offering a meditation that tends, supports and uplifts our energetic body. This mediation will help you set healthy boundaries between what is yours and what is not. 


Our energetic body (also called your energetic field or aura) extends three to five feet around us: above, below, front, back and both sides. It is like a bubble of energy or an egg that surrounds us. When it is strong, it is easy to make decisions, discern your needs and keep your vibration high. When it is weak, it is easy to pick up other’s feelings, challenging to make decisions or discern your personal truth.


Since, energy flows when our attention goes, this month is really asking us to notice where we put our attention. If we only focus on fear, we attract fear. If we focus on gratitude, we attract blessings. Sounds simple, but our energy field is constantly dancing with a myriad of feelings and thoughts around us and within us. One of the best ways to influence our attention is to keep our personal energetic field strong.


This meditation will guide you to clean your energy body and then fill it with whatever energy you’d like call in this month. Like attuning a crystal, your energy body can be tuned to the vibrations or feelings you’d like to call in this month. This isn’t to say that it will prevent you from feeling any negativities or to become blind or numb to difficulties. Rather, this meditation will help you stay in your truth- reset your compass- so that you can hold center amidst all the changes this month promises. This is a good mediation to do every day this month or whenever you feel through off center. 

Wishing you a centered and powerfully loving month.

October LightBody Meditation: The Energy BodyAurora Lagattuta
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September, 2020: Balance

September finds us still moving through much change and many twists. Flexibility is needed and so is focus. For this month, I am sharing a meditation on balance. This meditation focuses specifically on balancing the mental and the gut intelligences. 


The mental intelligence when in balance is sharp, clear and fast to make good decisions. When out of balance, it is murky, confused, overwhelmed and worried. Connected to the crown and third eye chakras, this intelligence desires to connect us to our clarity, intuition and imagination. It helps us envision our dreams and notice the details of this moment. 


The gut intelligence in balance is direct action. It is productive. It gets the jobs done. When out of balance, it overdoes, overeats, over pushes and/or it is depressed, lethargic and unmotivated. Connected to the root and sacral chakras, this intelligence helps us feel safe, grounded and creative. It helps us move forwards in life and take the physical actions we need to make change. 


For this month’s meditation, we work with the element of water and singing bowls to help up clear and reconnect these two powerful centers. When the mind and gut intelligence are in balance together, we know when to act with efficiency and ease and when to sit back and rest.


Wishing you a month of focused action and rest, clarity and peace. 

September Balance of Head & Gut MeditationAurora Lagattuta
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August, 2020: Heart Spiral

August Heart Spiral LigthBody MeditationAurora Lagattuta
00:00 / 13:24

Welcome to August. This month is packed with a lot of powerful energy. It is very much a time of portals and transformations. We are beginning to walk into a new world. 


And in this time of transition, we have the potential for a lot of powerful change. However, we need to be mindful where and how we are directing this current influence of powerful energies. For this reason, we will work with the Heart Chakra this month. The Heart Chakra is the central point of the energy body. It connects the lower chakras with the upper chakras. It is the bridge between all that is below and above, behind and ahead. 


The heart is magnetic. It will magnetize to what we want or what we don't want. And it's tricky because it works off of our feelings. And our feelings are sometimes things that we're not always attuned to. So, this meditation is really powerful for helping us clear and realign with what we want to magnetize into our life. 

We will use the image of a spiral to help clear and balance the very powerful vortex of the heart. The image of a spiral will assist us in this month's meditation to clear energy of the past and make way for wonderful new energy. We have an amazing opportunity to open up to an incredible bright new future but in order to do this well, we need to continually let go old patterns. 

In this meditation we will de-magnetize and release old stuck feelings that we don't want to be calling in. We will release old patterning, ancestral trauma, and unhelpful stories. We will then invite in the feelings that we want to bring into our future: unconditional love, forgiveness, joy, peace, calm, acceptance, laughter, clarity... Lastly, we will use a spirit ally to help assistance us as we re-magnetize and align through the portal of the heart.  Enjoy.