Light Body {Project}

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for solstice:

How to Make a Light Body:

Get outside. Walk. Hike. Crawl.

If a place strikes your fancy, stop there.

Lay down on the ground here.

While on the ground, look up at the sky

Let your body feel the light coming down 

from the sky to the earth.

And from the earth back up

to the sky.

Stay there as long as you like.

Use whatever materials are nearby

(sticks, sand, mud, ice, rocks, grass.)

Creatively trace the outline of your body.

Adaptations: trace a foot or hand or make a tiny body.

Rest in space and send light. Enjoy your presence and leave this as your trace of light.

Below is my Light Bodies Blog. These 'embodied sculptures' were inspired by my two-month back packing trip in New Zealand. They provided an easy pause during a hike to stop and get my body on the earth and create. I continue them now to help me ground and better connect with whatever places I am in. 

Since my trip, I have shared this practice with fellow friends, artists and dancers and they have adapted the practice in various ways. May these meanderings serve to inspire you and your nature creations..

Light Body 

                  {how to}

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