Rainbow Bridge: a course for developing your own personal movement meditation practice

It's your body. It's your dance. It's your power.

This course will focus on the body's energetic system in order to provide tools for empowering and transforming your personal dance practice. 

This course is for those who are truly serious about transforming their relationship with their bodies and personal movement practice. It is a journey of embodied self-discovery, personal empowerment and spiritual growth. 


This course looks at each body’s unique dance as a source of untapped power. It looks specifically to the energy system of the body as the main source of guidance. It uses ancient tools from the Yogic energy system, Qi Gong and Balinese dance with modern somatic practices that include Authentic Movement, Butoh, and Contemporary Dance. Participants will be provided with guided meditations, visualizations, shamanic journeys and guided movement practices. The aim of this course is to reconnect you with your own personal dance practice, which can be a source of wisdom, inner knowing and power throughout your life. 


The course consists of 10 one and a half hour sessions and 2 private practice sessions for individualized support. At the completion of each session you will receive a supplemental meditation and/or movement practice along with suggested practices. 

The first half of the course provides a stable groundwork for establishing your practice. The second half provides space for each participant to discover their personal ‘embodied voice’ and step into a leadership role. Participants will leave the course with tools for a rich and resilient personal dance practice. They will also have gained skills in leading movement that they can share, teach and expand upon in their respective fields. 


Dance can be seen and used for many different purposes. For the purpose of this course, dance is understood as an ancient and innate source of embodied wisdom. It is available to all bodies regardless of ability, age and background.

No specific dance or physical training is required for this course. Simply a willingness and curiosity to deepen one’s body awareness is all that is required.

Common Questions: 

What this course is NOT:

A dance class with set dance routines to memorize.

Externally focused. The emphasis is not on how your dance appears but rather how it feels for you personally.

What this course IS:

A place to deepen your relationship with your own body's movement and wisdom.

A place to explore movement through the lens of energy and elementals.

A place to create deep transformation and change in your life through your personal dance practice during and after the course. 

What you'll receive from course:

Practical embodied and energetic tools for your personal dance practice in ten 1.5 hour classes ($200 value)


Techniques for listening and dancing with your body for a sustainable dance practice that you can use long after the course. 

Weekly practices, guided meditations and/or assignments that you can keep forever ($60.00 value)


One 45-minute private embodied energy session with Aurora to be completed during course. ($90.00 value)

Practice sharing and teaching your personal dance practice with group.

Paired with a 'rainbow partner' throughout course for extra support and connection during and hopefully after the course. 

A deepened relationship with your body and dance. Ability to sustain own practice. 


One payment: $150.00

3 Monthly Payments: $55.00
(Select Rainbow Bridge Monthly Plan)

This course will be limited to a small number to ensure personal care and attention. 


This course is valued at $350.00 but due to the pandemic, I feel called to offer it at a discounted price. Should you be struggling due to COVID-19 and/or have any concerns or questions, please contact me at info@auroradances.org

Course Schedule
February 2- April 20, 2021
Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00 pm PST online

Week 1: February 2

Root Chakra

Element- Earth

Build receptivity; create container; earth power spot


Week 2: February 9

Crown Chakra

Element- Ether

Strengthen and build your auric field; Boundary work


Week 3: February 16

Sacral Chakra

Element- Water

Connect the fluidity of neutrality; the power of the womb


Week 4: February 23

3rd Eye Charka

Element- Light

Build your connection to guides


Week 5: March 2

Solar Plexus chakra

Element- Fire

Cultivating willingness; discovering your unique dance


Week 6* March 9

Solar plexus continued. Personal journey and assignment

Crafting your dance

Week 7: March 16

Throat Charka

Element- Akasha

Tools for freeing and honing your expression


Week 8: March 23

Throat Chakra continued. 

Rewriting your body story


Week 9: March 30

Heart Chakra

Element: Air

Dance of love


Week 10: April 6

Heart Chakra Continued


Week 11: April 13

"Rainbow" Integration


Week 12: April 20*

"Rainbow" Personal practice

* These classes are done individually with practices and support provided. 


To learn more about me, visit my story and choreographer's bio


Former Student UCSD (2019)

I have never had a teacher like Aurora. She sees you. She sees that your body is not just muscles and bones but a soul and a spirit. 

She is kinda like some old grandmother or shaman, she helped me see myself as powerful. My dance as meaningful. 

I became a dance major after her class. I highly recommend dancing with her. 


 Former Student (2014-2016)

Dancing with Aurora is an embodied ritual. She brings the sacred and the mundane together. Tiny things change everything.

I danced and trained a long time with lots of different teachers before dancing with Aurora. Yet, her approach significantly changed my practice. It really helped me soften and receive. 

My personal practice is stronger because I am not pushing like I used to. I am allowing and listening. I am kinder. 

Chen/ Shannon

Former Student (2017-2020)

I never trusted myself. I never trusted my body. Then I took your dance class and it changed my life. I felt so dumb at first, but you kept encouraging me to listen, to trust. I was opened to a world inside I did not know existed. Before your class, I could not really be with myself  but now that has changed. I have befriended my body. 

Thanks to you encouragement, I have continued to dance. It is now a part of my life for my expression and my healing.