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Welcome to my readings...

My intention is to offer readings that empower you to connect with your body's intuitive wisdom for personal & planetary transformation.

My readings are energetic & embodied. They are always two parts: we look at the cards & then we integrate the messages into your body: the true place of transformation.  


Barbara, Social Worker/Artist

Aurora has a calm expertise. The way she explained the cards was to the point & informative...exciting.... and felt really good. As a result I haven't  2nd guessed myself this past week . I felt more confident in expressing myself & enjoying the moment ...Thank You! 

I highly recommend because her attention & insight were so helpful for me to be able to tune into myself & I felt better!

Offering: Owl Live Reading

Diana, Entrepreneur

The reading was amazing. Everything was full of guidance, understanding and higher purpose. Afterwards, I felt so light, like I was floating in a bubble of white energy. 

Besides the healing and clarity that I got from the reading, I also got some powerful tools!  That was very important to me: being able to have those tools for future reference whenever I feel the same way. It was truly an incredible experience! 

I would definitely recommend it. Especially to someone that might feel stuck or at a crossroads.

Offering: Phoenix Live Reading

Manual, Teacher

Transformational. And at 65, I do not  say that often. 

Definitely recommend.

offering: Hummingbird Recorded Reading.

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